Define your professional identity

The most important thing when you’re selling something, including yourself  is the identity, I’ve fully understood the meaning of this just after 5 years of working as a freelancer, building my company, and for a short-term employed.


The Completion Level of Your Training.


Preparing your resume


Take a piece of paper and note down

  • Your primary 3 skills
  • Up to another 10 secondary skills and experiences.
  • Write a short presentation of yourself, without any guidance, up to 4 sentences.


Headline, your presentation in a sentance

The first pitch point for your services is your short description, but people are usually lazy, and you want to impress them with your first sentence.

For example you meet a potencial customer, or you apply for an online project, you want your customer to understand what you’re best at, and what your services can achieve.

There are many headlines that work, even a simple one such as Web Software Developer works, or Online Marketer, but it doesn’t target a specific niche.

For example, these are a few very targeted headlines, that may help you take certain projects easier.

  • Software Developer & E-learning Expert
  • Software Developer & E-Commerce Expert
  • E-Commerce Software Developer
  • B2B Marketing Expert

Now you have to pick one for yourself, and you should brand your identity using it, if you want to keep it generic or very targeted, it’s up to you, REMEMBER that the headline presents one of your strongest points, not necesarilly all your points.


Short Description

Okay, now that you have an headline, you want to continue the idea.

Headline : I am An Online Software Developer and Consultant.

I also help information marketers to sell their knowledge better, and my strongest point is making things happen without the need of attention, my philosophy is that Your online business should work without you.

It’s very important to know who you are and what you’re capable of, because your resume, that you’re building yourself is the main selling point, a good cover letter for a job will always be a plus, but the most important factor in getting hired is having a clearly defined identity / brand, because as a freelancer, you are your own brand.

Remember, keep it simple and human-readable, your english should be perfect if possible.


Establishing your skillset list

It’s very important to know your 3 strongest points, you may think you have more, but they’re not your strongest ones, we will highlight all our skills in a way it doesn’t make them seem as our weak point.

For example, in my case it’s these :

My main skillset includes :

  1. Quick Learner, I can adapt to any situation and get the job done.
  2. PHP Development, with a passion for Laravel & WordPress
  3. Interactive Frontend Development

With also a vast experience in :

  1. E-learning platforms
  2. Javascript frameworks, including Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, jQuery
  3. Online Product Selling
  4. Payment Processors, including PayPal, PayPal Adaptive Payments, Braintree, Stripe and many others
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Drupal Development
  7. Zend Framework Development
  8. User Interaction

This is just an example, you can see that one point may include a short description of that skill, and that’s a great way to “pack” a general skill and highlight specific strenghts.


Your portfolio

How to organize items

You want your portfolio to be clearly organized, you want to define categories for your portfolio items.

Common categories are :

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing Campaign

Note down your categories, that apply for your current work, and lets get started.


Adding a project in your portfolio

It’s very important that you put effort into your portfolio, there’s no point in making it if you’re not doing it properly.

For each project in your portfolio you want to clearly mention the following things

  • Thumbnail Picture ( if possible )
  • a title ( usually the project name )
  • place it within a portfolio item category ( such as Logo Design )
  • short description
  • main challenges ( your client may feel like he’s facing the same challenges, even if it wasn’t a challenge for you,  pretend that important details have been a challenge )
  • Your client details if he agrees to be listed there ( Name, Picture and Website Name & Link )
  • If possible, a photo gallery that presents aspects of your work.

If you feel like you can add more things, such as Technologies Used, it can help, but it takes much more time to add them, any extra short important information helps.


Other Important Details


Testimonials are one of the key elements when you’re building an identity.

Why does it matter so much ? With the testimonial you want to gain the trust of the reader, if he already trusts the person who gave you that testimonial, that’s one of the best cases, ideally even if you have 100 testimonials, you want to focus on 5 – 10 testimonials coming from influencial people, even if they’re not the most well written ones, simply their presence boosts your reputation by a lot.


Social Media

If you’re working closely with a lot of people, or with clients, you want to make sure you don’t abuse the social media space when you’re supposed to do something else, this may be one of the smallest details, but you don’t want to look like you’re doing something else instead of working when you’re supposed to work.