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General Overview

Keyword Directory is an intuitive way to create an word directory, dictionary page, where you can offer in depth explanations to any words you want.

This plugin has been specially tailored to provide visible results in less than 1 minute, and do a full setup in less than 10 minutes.

Watch the 4 minute walk-trough and get the full picture, includes a full demonstration how Keyword Directory is being used and how it can help you.

4 Minute Walkthrough

Support & Updates & Mission

Keyword Directory come with premium support for 1 year and updates. Each license offers this, you can receive support either via email or skype, depending on the emergency of this.

Your Requests, our mission. We take your opinion into account, and we mean it. If you request and additional feature, if it’s a viable one, we’ll gladly offer it in the next update.

On a mission of success. Not only Keyword Directory, but all our plugins are designed to solve specific issues, in a timely manner, and in an easy and intuitive way. We don’t offer features that are not required, that’s why the setup and the management is very easy.

Interface Overview

Keyword Administration Page

Keyword Management Page

General Settings Page

Keyword Backups Page

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