Why I embrace Page Builders, as a developer.

Today a heated discussion started on a facebook group called Advanced WordPress, regarding the page builders, I joined the discussion and I’m still going trough it as I’m writing this blog post, and I can’t believe it people forget what WordPress is all about, I for one needed 2 years to fully understand it, and I’m probably embracing page builders just because I’m used to put user experience above development issues.

The discussion started, developers are angry that Page Builders conflict with their work, which can be fustrating, for way too many, including myself in some cases, but OptimizePress is the worst one of all, the theme, the page builder, every single part of it, the issues I have with Visual Composer as a developer are minimal compared to OptimizePress.

Even if the main reason for more beginner developers is performance, which makes me laugh, very hardly.

People that consider Page Builders as a performance issue, have most likely never used a caching plugin.

That simple, Page Builders are usually used for static websites, on most parts, I’ve rarely encountered Page Builders on websites that focus on memberships, such as forums or e-learning platforms, which is the most common block of caching plugins. I agree that they are too frequent on e-commerce websites, but even those can be cached, especially if they’re properly coded to display the cart from AJAX, which is not a popular habbit for many themes, making caching an issue. And the cart page, checkout page are not even handled by page builders ( normally ), so it’s possible to have a streamlined experience, without the extra load time of page builders, because in the end, an caching plugin will deliver a html page.

We have the tools to make page builders work, let’s improve our workflow, instead of limiting people of doing what they love, which creating a good looking website for the fraction of the price,

Don’t be greedy, you have no right to stop this revolution of allowing everyone to design a good looking website, start looking for solutions, on improving this, as developers our jobs are to find solutions, not impose limitations, imagine the happiness, when you have a great looking website, that you’ve did yourself, with just $60 using a premium theme, and a page builder.

I hated WordPress for 2 years, then fell in love with it.

I’ve worked with Zend Framework 1 and I felt like an elitist coder, performance, code quality and everything had to be perfect, even if it was only in my head.

WordPress is not made for developers like frameworks, I see wordpress designed people, and primary focuses on the user experience, not on the development experience, which is very very open as it is, I always try to keep this in mind, why do I even create something, if people can’t even use it.

WordPress allows that, you can code as you like, but keep in mind you should still try to respect the coding standards. I even wroteĀ Some tips for Plugin and Theme Developers.

As a final note, WordPress is great, it evolves around exactly what’s important, the user experience and having practical solutions for everything.

Why ? Because as far as I know it, wordpress was created to allow everyone to share their voice, if they want to do it trough a blog post, or a complex good looking page, done trough a Page Builder, it’s the peoples choice, you can try to change their mind, but it’s up to them if they want it or not.

P.S : As a developer I feel very bored to design a website, that’s why I use Page Builders, I recommend Thrives Themes, Visual Composer and Divi 3, Visual Composer usually does the trick on themes that don’t normally support it, just like Marketify that I’m using ( Yes I am aware it has certain bugs on it, but I don’t really care right now ).

P.P.S : I suggest you join the Advanced WordPress group, even if not engaging in discussions, once in a while there’s something actually worth following in there.