I can finally say it, goodbye jQuery.

I’ve been thinking about it for countless weeks, should I stop using jQuery ? It’s like letting go to your first loved one, hard. jQuery helped me make so much, and it’s been invaluable, the flexibility and strong points it offered, it’s all come to an end.

HTML5 querySelector is doing a great job, especially queryAllSelector, but is it all about it ?

jQuery still offers a lot of cool features to reduce the code quantity you have to write, think about it.


var objectInstance = this;

Array.prototype.forEach.call( this.ListSwitchObjects, function( node ) {.   node.classList.remove(objectInstance._settings.activeContainerClass);


jQuery :


It looks so much easier ! And friendly for many developers, but the HTML5 solution strictly implies the we’re going to mark multiple options, it all comes to conventions now, and we can figure out how things work even if the code is bad, in this case we strictly imply ‘objects’ we could name it ‘nodes’ at the end, but it’s just a habit of mine as I usually store jQuery objects in my applications and suffix them with Object / Objects.

The reason I skipped using jQuery was because I was developing a google Chrome Addon, and I tought it was overkill to bring jQuery here, as I wanted to start avoiding it for small things, that don’t need the huge firepower.

Things jQuery made easy for me :

  • Animations
  • Complex selectors
  • Object cloning
  • AJAX Requests
  • And many more.

What does HTML5 give me ? Everything, CSS3 is a better solution for animations, so ideally I’m using that for animations latelly.

The new AJAX request method in HTML5 is as flexible as I would ever need it, and Object cloning is just basic after I learned how it worked, I just coded one myself.

If I had the strength to let go to jQuery after 4 years, will you ? Of course, I’ll still play with it, and continue to use it within wordpress, but I’ll never abuse it anymore for small tasks like before.

Thank you jQuery for making me love javascript.