Most important factors when creating a wordpress plugin

Are you planning to create a wordpress plugin ? The most important factor, when it comes to wordpress is storage.

Are we looking at small, clear data ? 

Do we also want to avoid any possible conflicts ?

Do we need a slim custom admin page ? 

Then most likely you’ll want to use a separate table. The only reason you wouldn’t do this is if you want to allow other developers to easily extend your functionality, sometimes this is not needed.

In case you’re looking to store a really small quantity of information, and this information doesn’t have an infinite ammount of given data, you may also consider using an option, which are really flexible storage points used within wordpress. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine a key => value storage type, usually known in the frameworks community as settings table, which comes highly optimized from the start.

Most possible cases you don’t want a custom table. 

  • You want to make use of the permalink system
  • You want something highly extensive and easy to expand
  • You want to keep the wordpress way in the admin
  • You want to have all those cool & fancy actions and filters available.
  • You want to keep things simple for other developers, mostly wanted on open source or long term projects

And many more, but at the end of the day it all comes to your own choice and preferences, but make sure you make the right call, instead of finding yourself 1 month later that your own system isn’t strong enought.

In case tou want to try the easy development framework, for custom table storage, you can find it here on github.

Have fun and let me know your toughts in the comments.