My vision and checklists.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the ways people learn, and how people are educated to learn.
The bottom line is this, people educate themselves to learn in their own way, and gather information and use it as they like.

I wanted to figure out the details and break it down trough a system, that works universally for every personality type, but there is no such thing.

You cannot make a system that works by itself that fits for each personality type, because they all process information in a different way, and they also adapt as they grow their qualities to process it even better based on how they’ve done it trough time.

Lets compare two personalities that I’m most familiar with, and I could say I am a mix of both.


During my young learning times I was mostly an ISTJ with an tendency for INTJ, now I’ve shifted more to an INTJ trough the years, as I’ve always wanted to improve existent things around me, and always try to fit things better than other people usually do it.

From the point of view ‘Doing it like this works, and that’s how others do it’, I’ve went ahead and went by a different line ‘I’ll do it like this, because there are a lot of solutions that do it like that, and I feel like this is better’ 

Breaking it down, I’m making decisions based on my judgement more on my intuition, rather than going by the book, but the most important thing is that I went by the book until I’ve learned everything I needed in order to have a better judgement and a well formed intuition.

You cannot teach an INTJ to do something he already has an idea about

Because his arrogance and intuition will make him feel like he can’t learn anything new, except if you can change his perception of things, but you cannot do that by the book.

And here comes the non-linear learning process, and the way it sorts out the problem is that, rather than teaching you how to do things, it answers your questions based on your answers and the student figures it out himself.

Now we can argue that this works for people with the N ( intuition ) trait, but that’s 4/16 personalities, and we could also argue that everyone else except the INTJ could adapt to go trough a process, maybe the ENTJ would also face some challenges in following a clear path of something new, because we always ask questions, lots of them, as we defy everything and treat everything in our lives as always improvable.

Let’s break it down, as I see things, 14 / 16 personalities treat clear instructions on how to do things very positively, but two of them will not be willing to follow them exactly, as their intuition will always drive them to think of a better way to do it, even if it isn’t they will think it is.

Ideally Checklists are the way to go for 14/16 personalities, and they would also fit in perfectly for the other 2 if they would clearly explain why things are done in the way they are explained, and why it isn’t done in a different way.

A checklist item is a basic task, that comes with clear instructions on how to do that task, but it doesn’t cover the details of why that task is done in a certain way.

A list of checklists can be called an Execution Plan, because you take each item and complete it, and you progress trough the plan and finish your list of tasks to complete one larger task.

In a perfect world, the system should work for everyone, it can until a certain point, but not for everyone, and that is my mission, change e-learning as we know it, and teach everyone trough one universal system.

In case you like checklists and you want to share your knowledge trough Execution Plans, then you should check what I’m working on, it’s called WPEP, I am the CTO of CodeIsCode.

Let me know your toughs on this, and I would gladly answer your questions.

A bit more about me.

Robert is an 21 year old developer, that spends his time building software since he was 15, sleeping in school as he was spending his nights working or learning new things, others see him as a very strange person, but he enjoys being different.