Taking a break from development

Phew, it’s been a long week

After 4 days of planning and 2 days of development, I’ve finally completed the MVP version of my newest product, which will change the way information marketers, and many other industries interact with people.

But in a few minutes, first I want to give you a great tip, that worked for me when I started blogging.

Many times have I failed to actually maintain my blog, but I’m finally starting to get it in shape, as I’m writting most of my articles away from my desk.

For me blogging wasn’t something totally new, but doing it frequently and actually putting effort into it is.

The primary reason I failed to maintain a blog, was not making a habbit of it.

I’ve made blogging a part of my weekly routine, because sharing my toughts helps me relax and continue working on my projects, and down the road I like interacting with people, so don’t be a stranger and leave a comment.

If you’re not yet blogging, you should, I’ve written a lot in the past without having any audience, and it helped perfect my writting and sharing my toughts and opinion.

Enlivy – Personal Email Image

I feel like the email industry has not evolved much latelly, in the past marketers have been able to bump sales and scarcity using Countdown Timers, and boost sales dramatically.

It’s time to bring in something new, something that makes emails feel more human.

How did the Personal Email Image come up ?

I was talking last Friday to Marius Price, a partner of mine trough various colaborations, and he presented me his idea, on how to boost email conversions, but there wasn’t a tool out there, that made this an easy process.

I’ve planned every detail, every small part that would come up as an question or option, and started working on an MVP, which would go trough testing for the next few weeks, and improving the product for a public release.

I honestly cannot wait to see how it works in a real world scenario, and how well it improves conversions.

How will this tool be usable ?

Because I’m a big fan of Laravel, my initial plan was using Laravel as a framework.

But then I remembered this, why not use WordPress ?

WordPress allows anyone to active and use a plugin, which can be both very advanced or very basic, and have a good starting point for any project.

Even if a plugin would be very accesible, it’s much easier to offer a SaaS ( Software as a Service ), because you just need an account and you can get started within seconds instead of minutes.

WIth also a lot of experience behind, and knowing wordpress pretty well, I figured out how to make a wordpress plugin that can both work on client-side, and also offer a SaaS option, with exactly the same code. 

Of course this wouldn’t apply for every plugin, but for this one, it does the trick very well.

Developer & Product Creator Tip.

I feel like the value of a plugin comes from it’s options and flexibility, that’s the reason why I’m making Enlivy accesible in 4 ways

  • by using a shortcode
  • by using a customer page template
  • directly from the wp-admin
  • And for developers, hooking up 2 actions anywhere in the application

Of course it’s a challenge to make sure everything looks well, and works well, but having so many options, as a user, is a great thing, especially because you can fit in the application anywhere you want, depending on the case.

Thank you for reading my article, and have an awesome day !

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