The power of perception, when delivering a message

It’s often that we’re trying to deliver a message, ignoring the way people may react to it, some would say they don’t care about the negative opinions, and it’s a very bad practice, because even the most humble and selfless things may seem shady tricks for certain people, and luckily there’s more factors involved than their general experience.

People make decisions based on their feelings about a certain thing, but those feelings will never be objective.

Karma is the great law of “cause and effect”, of “action and reaction”, which controls the destiny of all living entities.

As you’re reading this, you’ll perceive it in your own way, based on your perception of the things around you, and your reaction to what you’re reading will most likely be one of the following.

  • Karma is great
  • This is interesting
  • This is stupid and false
  • Not worth my time reading
  • Nothing

I believe that everything sums up to “cause and effect” & “action and reaction”

Let’s analyze the steps you’ve took in order to react to the previous statement.

  1. I delivered you a message, which was the action
  2. You’ve perceived my message in your own way, based on your previous experience with these things, if you’ve never heard about these things before, you will use your intuition, in order to understand my message.
  3. You’ll possibly have questions in order to understand the message better.
  4. You will react to my message with an opinion of your own ( in your head ).
  5. You’ll possibly express that opinion.

These are the general steps we’re taking in our everyday life, with everything we’re doing, even tough we’re not noticing it.

Now that you understand how you’re actually taking decisions in your everyday life, or possibly I’ve just refreshened your memory, we can dig deeper.

I enjoy playing ping-pong.

1. If you’re also a ping-pong fan, you’ll see a hobby, which is also an perception that we share, which is that ping-pong is great.

2. If you’re not a ping-pong fan, you’ll probably skip a few sentences of this article, or possibly even close the window if ping-pong is something you hate, or don’t enjoy at all.

3. If you’re a ping-pong proffesional or very passionate player, I may just have influenced you into asking me certain questions, such as “How long have you been playing ? “, “We should play once.”. And maybe even statements for certain people that enjoy showing off, such as “I can beat you anytime” or even more aggresive statements that just prove how important it is for some people to be the best at what they’re doing.

I used to be one of those guys, that always wanted to the best at everything, in constant competition, but I’ve realized that it’s not worth it, some would say my arrogance reached at its peak, but I’m just more selective at what who I’m challenging and why I’m doing it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think that competition is great, as long as it doesn’t darken your mind, even if I would love talk about competition, we will continue with our main topic, which is the power of perception.

Action influences our perception, because the way we react to things, is based on our perception, that evolves based on our decisions within our everyday life.

This may probably sound familiar, “The more we see, the less we know”, which also works the other way around “The less we see, the more we know”. When you have a full box of toys, the chance you’ll notice a broken toy dramatically decreases, and the personal value of those toys will diminish, and on the other hand, if you have only a couple of toys, you’ll most likely always notice when something is broken, and the personal value of these toys would be much higher.

Based on what we have, had, desire we react, and everyone will react in their own way, based on their perception of things, and personal values.

Personal mistakes, learning from the experience of others and living the moment shape our perception, and the way we value things, and of course people.

We shape our mind everyday, especially from the small events we overlook. We sometimes just have to stop, and understand the bigger picture, because it’s often that we allow our intuition to guide our lives, instead of using both our intuition and thinking.

The most important factor when delivering a message, is ensuring that everyone will understand it in the way you want it to be understood, and your goal is to make your message so simple, in order to spark curiosity, because that’s what the goal of this article was, get you curious, explain my personal opinion with facts, and establish or change your opinion, in a matter similar to mine.

Have a great day, and remember, curiosity is the first step in everything, if somebody does not pose interest from the first moment, headline, you’re going to have a hard time sharing your perception, knowledge and opinion.