What I’ve learned as a plugin developer.

Creating premium plugins is fun, but how much fun is it to actually sell them.

I did various experiments over the last year, and the most simple way to sell a wordpress plugin without any marketing or any headaches is to just sell it trough CodeCanyon, as simple as that, if you’re not ready to invest in marketing and proper advertising, you’re better of selling your plugins on codecanyon, or any other plugin extension specific marketplace such as WooThemes or EDD, those two dominate the wordpress enviorement, so they’re doing very well, because when people need an extension for Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce they just visit the official websites.

Let’s take a real use case.

I was able to earn with Visual Developer on codecanyon the funky sum of $500 in 2 weeks, then not sell it once for months, the frontpage exposure helped me a lot, but it was also my downfall.

I’ve decided to remove it from CodeCanyon and get more flexibility and decided to market it myself, maybe one of the most proportional decisions between good and bad.

I’ve invest around $600 in advertising and paid reviews, the end result was an aproximate earning of $270, so in short, I ended up having an -330$ ‘profit’, but I still loved the plugin, and still do.

I’ve learned this my presentation page wasn’t that good, so I’ve decided to remake it, it was a great improvement, but the fact that my new page didn’t have a demonstration video made it even harder for people to understand what it does and how it can help them.

Ideally all these decissions where rushed and brang rushed results, the most important thing, if you plan to change your presentation page, make sure you split test the old one vs the new one, sometimes a better design and a different presentation can effect your sales, I should’ve been more patient and calculated and try to aim for a better result, not a faster one.

In short.

If you can’t afford a marketer, or invest tons of time doing marketing, use CodeCanyon to sell your scripts / plugins, it’s the easiest and most convenient to sell plugins. People don’t even search good anymore, they search CodeCanyon directly if they’re loyal purchases, and those are the people you should aim at selling, people who will buy all your things, just because they know they may use of them in the future, and that’s what keep “small” plugin developers.

The key factor to succes in here is experience, so start coding a plugin today 🙂 or anything. Dream and create.