Why being an elitist matters

It matters, more than ever

Today one of the most common problem for people, small agencies and even big companies is the shortage of developers, and as far as I’m aware of this, I think it’s totally false, I know countless developers or ‘want-to-be’ developers, that simply can’t find a place to work, and even if they do, especially in a large company, they’re the closest thing to poison.

Let me tell you why now, I’ve been in a decently large company in my country and I’ve been present on 1 successfull project, which went from A -> B as easy as cake, I was able to deliver with to more people in half the time originally estimated, and the apllication was almost bug free in the first revisionĀ and that is something rare, trust me, it was a medium corporate project, my point here is, as an elitist, in this case me, we broke every expectation of delivery and did it very fast. This is just an example of atitude, I wanted to prove everyone that I can do everything they do, faster and better.

The fun part starts just now, the second project started after I took an 4 months unpaid break to work on my plugins and learn wordpress better. ( the previous project I talked about was coded in Laravel )

I was asked to hop in on an Angulae.JS project, which honestly made no sense for me to be created with Angular.JS because it was something like a portal, and SEO would’ve been an important factor, using the wrong technology for this specific project would’ve bring a lot of issues that normally wouldn’t have existed if we took a more classic approach, don’t get me wrong, Angular.JS is fun, and really flexible, but it’s the same as trying to slice a pizza with a chainsaw, it’s overkill.

I made countless suggestions to change the approach, the really strange thing I didn’t know the person who I would’ve worked with spent the last 3 weeks learning Angular.JS on paid Sallary from the firm, bad investment right ? Instead of hiring a professional drectly you get a complete rookie on a project, and he doesn’t even the experience to know what issues to expect as the project goes on, as he had no experience with angular, ideally, I felt really unsure if I am the right fit for this, the project was with a huge mess in my head, as it already was late on delivery, and I hate solving the mess someone left behind, well, I’d do it, for the right price, not some average sallary in my country, because I have my pride.

Now back to my point, I feel like these problems are caused by the lack of more elitist developers and a more refined culture in IT firms, I think that the future lies in the hands of small agencies and soon enought the Corporate enviorement will slowly fall, and I’m not refering to companies like Apple, Microsoft, Blizzard, Valve etc. I’m reffering to companies that offer services, not products, products are more scalable, and require a full team to get something well polished, a really solid marketing team, which any known company has, especially in IT section.

Now back to the point.

Imagine what a group of elitists is capable of doing, people who constantly strive to do things in a large scalable way, that are not affraid to invest their personal time to learn more instead to lock themselves into a 9 – 5 programe, and not spend an extra hour to be better, those are just average developers, and trust me, they’re countless developers like that, and those people are the reason companies have clear procedures that are over-documented, and I mean really over documented taking into account things that are even more than common sense.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, thisĀ just a small article that I wanted to share I was enjoying my cup of coffee, let me know your toughts.