Why I think INTJs are not made for corporate work.

I’ve spent 2 months working at a corporate development company, and I almost hated it, of course I didn’t like it very much, but I wanted to try the experience.
I could say that the first project went good, it had a few challenges, but it was all in the schedule.

Here’s 5 things I hated about working at a corporate company, and why I’ll most likely never work in one ever again, except if I can do it on my own terms. 

1. I don’t enjoy working with people that are not good at what they’re doing, especially if I can do what he / she does.

It wasn’t the case in my first project, as the ‘group leader’ proved to be pretty smart, both socially and as a developer, because he always gave me room to do things how I wanted them to be, as long as it solved the problem in a stable way. 

But in the second project, I felt like I have to do it by myself, and also have a beginner slowing me down, by a lot, especially from the point of view of technology.

Short note, Angular.JS 1 was okay, but using plain javascript and / or React is much better, because of the flexibility. Angular JS 2 covers most of the things I didn’t like, one thing in particular I wanted to do with vanilla javascript was an component based programming schema. 

2. I don’t like estimating by the hour, I hate it, I can give an maximum ETA ( in days ) but I cannot tell you how many hours it will take.

This was probably the most annoying thing for me, because aside the fact that I will probably be slowed down by my team if they’re not good in their field, I will also have to explain them why I do things the way they’re done more time than I should.

I spent 2 hours trying to change the course of things, just to find out they where set 3 weeks ago and no progress has been made, except really basic planning, couldn’t even fit it on more than half a page. Great right ? Trying to change their point of view just to find out I can’t because it would’ve proved them they wasted a lot of time.

3. I can’t sit on a desk for hours, and pretend I am working.

I can’t work 8 hours straight, it’s impossible, I spend 70% of my working time playing or watching TV shows, because spending time doing something else allows me to think trough more perspectives, and align things better.

I once watched a 40 minute TV show for 1 hour and a half, because I was stopping it every 5 – 10 minutes to take notes, of course I am not doing this on great TV shows like Game of Thrones, because I just get lost in the show, but for most of the good TV shows I can stop if I get a good idea.

Fun fact, I’ve watched 140 days of content from TV shows in the past 7 years.

140 / ~ 2555 days ‘invested’ in watching TV shows.

I watch tons of TV shows, sometimes even low rated ones, because I mostly aim for stories and perspectives when I watch them.

And yes, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, mostly novels about solving mysteries, especially murders.

Bottom line is, I can work while I’m doing anything else, during school I was sleeping while I was writing, even if it looked horrible, as my writing is ugly as it is, nobody bothered my sleep, because I was ‘taking notes’ .

I love multi-tasking, but I know when to focus my attention on one single thing if it’s something interesting or intriguing. 

4. I enjoy my privacy, and I hate being distracted, I enjoy being around with a few people, but if there’s many distractions around me I get very annoyed.

To keep it simple, I love to work in my sleeping clothes, I just love it, because I am not usually wearing underpants while I’m working, just one of my basic requirements, I need to feel relaxed, and that starts with my clothes. 

And I enjoy being able to listen to music, and sometimes even sing, even if my singing voice is one of the worst and most annoying things you could hear. 

During certain points when I am working and really excited about what I am doing, writing code, making things work, I’ll literally scream the current song I am listening to, because it gives me so much energy.

5. I hate scheduling my working times.

I always check my email and phone after I wake up, and if there’s something urgent that needs to be done, I do it straight away, I don’t even eat or drink my coffee if it takes less than 1 hour, because I always feel better when I have a clear schedule with a lot of room for flexibility.

I’ve spent 2 months of my life following this schedule and I loved it, probably the most productive when I worked on one single project.

No matter how much I worked, at the end of the day I would gather up to 3 good friends, and play games, mostly video games, and just relax.

After the ‘gaming session’ I would directly go to work, and spend at least 2 hours working. 

Can you imagine how much I love my schedule ? I do whatever I want, every single day of my life, and it’s been like that for the past 2 years after I’ve finished school, fuck schedules.