Why Startup Events are Social Events

Lets face it

There are tons of events out there which want to encourage startups, but their only goal is simply to offer a social enviorement to kill 2 or 3 days, because honestly, I haven’t met anyone that would get anything good out of them.

Do you honestly attend one of those because you expect a miracle ? You go with an ideea, meet a developer or two, and rush a concept in 48-64 hours, and you’re blinded and actually think burning yourself will actually matter, well, it doesn’t because the vast majority of prizes are awarded based on your social status. Do you know the organizers ? Then you’ll probably receive that .co domain for free from domain.com, because the amount of publicity they get for the small investment of giving every team a free domain is good marketing, they don’t necesarilly do it to help you, they do it to get that cheap large exposure, and did you know how cheap domains are ? Because technically every domain selling company is a re-seller, just like re-seller hosting is a thing, it applies the same terminology for domains, but in there it’s the only option, so one less extra word, heh ?

Back to our primary subject

If you would take 100 successfull starts up and ask them if they started during an event the answer of 99 of them is no, that 1% maybe just started with the idea they went there.

Let me tell you something, there’s a few things that are viable, and one of the most viable things you can do in 64 hours is at most a WordPress Plugin, or an general utility class, for anything, or maybe if you’re young you can burn urself down like I did once and build something on Zend, Laravel or Symfony 2, but it is worth it ? teust me, it’s not, you’re better of playing a game of Hearthstone or any other game you may like, because the amount of time wasted is the same, so, you’re better of enjoying yourself a bit.

Even as I write this article on my phone, I’m enjoying myself, because I want to thing that these articles make  a difference for someone, and they’ll probably not do the same mistakes I did.

Lets take it into a different perspective.

You’re a marketer, but you don’t have any visible results and you attend a startup event, and you notice a idea that you think is cool, and you team up with them, and you think you’ve did a career break, everything is planned, and the future is bright.

Well, let me tell you one thing, smart people smell bullshit, and if you’re not good, and had the luck to get in a group of smart people, you will fail, hardly, especially when you will face the sad truth that you have no experience at what you do, and the people you teamed up with will tell you that you have no place among them, for this project, and if they’re looking cool, they’ll even use the word “now” even if you don’t deserve it.

What should you do ?

Depends, what’s your idea ? I’ll tell you one simple stupid thing tough, your idea has to solve a problem, a real one, without creating another one, or another problem that is so small it can’t even be called a problem.

I wanted to create a lot of cool wordpress plugins, I had no clear scope what problems I wanted to solve, so I started working as a freelancer for a while, and I started to build skills I didn’t have before and look at problems from a different perspective, a better one.

Are you a developer and want to start a startup ?

Let me give you a few pointers.

1. Do you feel very confident you can deliver your idea ?
If not, start working as a freelancer, and get as much experience as you can.
2. Do you charge at least $30 per hour, or $60 per hour ( if US based, because usually people are paid double there. ) for your work ?
If not, start building value and grow a career, it goes a long way to have good experience in what you do, and getting paid properly for the work you do multiple times, clearly means you offer value, and offering value is the most important thing in the life of a developer.
3. Do you strictly charge on a hourly rate or rather on a value based rate ? It’s a rare and hard to get skill, but at certain times you can end up charging double for your work, because think about this, a Shoe can worth a lot for someone with no shoes, rather to someone who has an entire closet.

Feeling sad ? Don’t, face the truth

If you don’t fell confident that those 3 pointers mean anything and want to bring excuses and arguments to the scene, you’re not probably going to make it, but I may be wrong, so prove it 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a good one.