Why successful business are recurring.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about marketing, because in the past I’ve worked a lot on creating marketing tools and understanding my customers, but it wasn’t the only thing I have learned.
I also learned about how people think, and how people make decisions, and this was one of the hardest things for me, simply because I don’t take decisions based on my feelings, but rather on my logic.

I’ll give you a short example, when I buy an Hearthstone expansion, I always pay for it with real money, not only because of the great content and experience they offer, but also to show my support for their hard work, as a developer I know the huge amount of time and effort Blizzard invests in their games, even if sometimes they fail to see some small details, it always happens.

As we age, we tend to focus on details rather than the big picture, because we learn to enjoy the little things. 

And this is a great thing, but also a flaw from the point of view of others, and the point of view of our audience is the most important factor in a business, because if nobody wants to pay for your hard efforts, it’s a pointless one, not because you haven’t learned anything, but you’ve wasted valuable time creating something that your core customers did not want.

One of the main reasons World of Warcraft failed in the past expansions was because they focused on their growth rather than sustaining what they have, we could argue that they got greedy, and I think that they failed because they business model.

The great thing about subscriptions is that your customers get older as your service does, and they started to offer what younger audiences wanted, not what their current hard-core players wanted, and that left aside a lot of players that have spent a great amount of time playing.

That game was like a drug, you never wanted to stop playing because it was so addictive, I was skipping school just to play it, because I loved playing it, this was happening when I was around 13 years old.

You know why the drug business is so profitable ? Because they focus on recurring revenue, if they would sell only once to a person, they would get out of business.

Everyone knows drugs are a problem, but we can learn from the drug business a lot, and by drugs I mean everything, including medicine, illegal ones, smoking, drinking, coca cola, they’re all drugs, because a drug gets you addicted and hooked up, and that’s what a lot of things in our life do. 

You may be amazed, but I honestly think that the most addictive drug ever advertised is Coca Cola, because it gets you hooked up trough tons of commercials, that shows you happy people drinking coca cola, instead of showing you the ‘features’ of coca cola, it shows you that Coca Cola spreads happiness, and as you’re drinking it you are feeling happy.

My greatest addiction was coca cola, I used to drink 2L daily, for almost 2 years, and I got at this point from a bottle of 0,5L daily, I wasn’t even drinking water anymore, just coca cola and coffee.

Whenever I was sad, I would drink coca cola, even without knowing it, I was doing it because all the commercials show Happy People drinking coca cola.

I’m not saying that coca cola kills you, because everything in this world kills you, if abused, even Vitamin C, I know that if you eat a few kilograms of it, you just die. 

What I am saying is that coca cola gets you addicted, you want it everywhere, when you smoke, after you eat, when you’re feeling hot, when you’re watching a movie, everywhere you’re enjoying yourself.

Is your business addictive ? Then you’ve hit the jackpot. 

As a side note, I’ve drinked a lot of coca cola in the past, but I am sober for 3 months already.