Assets under DMM Dao

Statistics are build from block latest to block 11187810, base data was taken from first block in increments of 6000, this seemed to work as the easiest aproximation of daily cycles between the data, this should serve as an overview of the movements, not as something precise. Last sync was 1 week ago.

Price : CoinGecko pricing might not refresh properly, and the last available price in the interval will be used.
Chain TVL : Calculated on the assets that are in contract wallets, a different metric would be Total TVL that would be calcualted based on mAssets issued with a time formula to calculate the interest, but not sure yet.
mAssets : If the assets are in the wallet, that means they’re waiting to be minted.
Disclaimer : This was built for fun, as I wanted to see the TVL & how things are moving, also an experiment to read & play around with the blockchain, this website is not affiliated with DMM Dao or the DMM Foundation.